Improv Tonight

Easy to learn. Difficult to master.

OddSwipe will always have a special place in my heart as the first mobile app I ever build. I've always enjoyed playing games, but often have trouble finding time to sit down and play. With the advent of mobile gaming, there's been a surge of games specifically tailored to filling this "play for quick bursts" demographic. OddSwipe is no exception.

OddSwipe focuses on a "quick to learn, hard to master" mentality. As the player progresses through levels, the difficulty rises. In level one, the cards are simple single digit numbers. However, towards the later levels, these are replaced by math equations, colors, and more, making the player have to think much faster on their feet.

My favorite things about OddSwipe is it's simple colorful interface and simplistic layout. I took an effort to try and incorporate as many straight-forward UI elements as possible in an attempt to allow anyone to pick up the game and begin playing in seconds.

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